Causes of COVID

This virus has changed the way we live, the way we interact, it has changed our whole lifestyle. Masks and social distancing have become the new norm. We have all adapted to this new life, a life of many precautions. For some, adapting to this new life is easy, but for others, they can’t fight the urge to go and socialize. To help spread awareness about the severity of this virus, I thought of sharing the science behind all the tips which scientists recommend. My hope is with the knowledge we will lean more towards following them.

“With Great Knowledge Comes Great Responsibility.”-Inspired by Spider-Man

Tip #1 Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds

Fig-1 Lipid Ring

As we know, every virus is unique. This virus has a weakness that we can use to our advantage by using soap. This virus is covered with a thin film made of lipids, similar to the ones that are found on grease. These lipids form a loose ring when surrounded by water. This is because the heads of these lipids are attracted to water, but the tails repel it. The lipids form a ring-like structure as shown in Fig-1. This ring separates when we drop soap on it. In any brand of soap, there are things similar to the molecules in the virus. These molecules head attracts water and the tail repels it. Soap molecules dive these viruses in between the weak points and break it apart when we rub. Now to wash off all the residue, you rinse your hand with water. Scrubbing your hands for 20 seconds is important to destroy all the virus particles on your hand.

Fig-2 The picture was taken from “The Health Nexus” website

Tip #2 Use Hand Sanitizer when washing is not possible

With hand sanitizer, instead of prying the molecule apart, it works more like an earthquake. When you surround the virus with alcohol, ethanol, or isopropanol usually found in hand sanitizer it allows the pin shape molecules of the virus to deform. This is like if you take all the cement out of a brick wall and then have an earthquake. The virus also collapses the same way, but for it to actually work you need to put the hand sanitizer all over your hand. Soap and water work better but if you don’t have access to a sink, hand sanitizer is another good option.

Fig-3 The picture was taken from “The Health Nexus” website

Tip #3 Follow Social Distancing by being 6 feet apart

Social distancing is another thing that can help suppress the spread of COVID-19. The common way that this virus spreads is via droplets that form when you sneeze, cough, or when you touch something which has the virus particles. This isn’t the only way that the virus can spread, but social distancing helps reduce the number of ways that it can. A single virus droplet can travel one meter at the max, this is the reason why the recommended distance is 6 feet so that you are far from the droplets at all times.

Sweden used herd immunity to help them decrease their cases, but the US has taken a different approach by making masks mandatory in many states. Masks help diminish the spread of COVID-19 because it keeps the virus out. The mask also helps reduce the number of droplets you put in the air to help prevent other people from getting sick.

These are some of the most common procedures to help keep us all safe during COVID-19, and I hope now you know scientifically why they are helpful in preserving our health. Happy Quarantine!



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